About Us

We’re on a mission to give the world the opportunity to catch truly monstrous redfish. And there is no better place to catch giant redfish than Louisiana!

In late Fall, schools of redfish inundate the maze of lagoons, bays and bayous that make up the Louisiana coast, fattening up for the winter months.

Let Gregg Arnold and his team of expert, licensed captains introduce you to this region’s incredible fishing for monster redfish, huge black drum and gator-sized speckled trout.

South Louisiana is the Land of Giants

In the past 12 months, I have caught 3 fish over 50 pounds, 5 fish over 40 pounds, 53 fish over 30 pounds, and 300+ fish over 20 pounds.

I have guided my anglers to five fly rod world records – Conway Bowman’s 41.65 lb fish on 20lb tippet (right), Jim Smith’s 33lb 10oz fish on 8lb tippet, and Dough Behrman’s 3 new world records on 8# tippet (34.8lb), 4# tippet (28lb). and 2# tippet (29.8lb).

My anglers have also accounted for several state records, including Bob Stafford’s 37.8lb redfish, a 41.1lb red caught by Conway, Tony Kirk’s state record Sheepshead of almost 8 lbs, and Tom Stevenson’s new state fly record Black drum of 56lb.

Some people gauge the day by the number of fish caught. I gauge the day based on the pounds of fish caught and released. When I boat 6 to 8 fish that add up to 200 pounds in a single day of fishing.

Typical Day of Redfish Fishing

You’ll fish from modern skiffs equipped with poling and elevated casting platforms, sight-casting to big, feeding fish in knee-deep water.

We only sight fish – no blind casting. And to top it off, the marsh areas that we fish are true wilderness areas, where you rarely see another boat, much less another fisherman!

For bookings of two days or more, our trips include lodging and meals. On the day of the trip, my guide will pick you up after breakfast, and you’ll ride to the launch together.

The drive will be spent talking about the plan for the day, which typically lasts 7 to 10 hours, depending on sunlight, wind and water conditions.

We do not work “on the clock” and we do not leave working fish. After the fishing trip, you and the guide will return to a gourmet 5-course Louisiana dinner and open bar.

If you tire of the redfish, we also offer offshore fishing for tuna, cobia, and other pelagic species.

What Fishing Gear to Bring

I provide all the gear: fly fishing rods, reels, flies and leaders. I suggest you to leave your fishing equipment at home due to the hassle of traveling or checking your gear. But, if you elect to bring your travel fly rod, I will work with you. If necessary, will make suggestions to assure a productive experience.

We can also provide spinning gear for those who don’t fly-fish. In fact, I have, on occasion offered fly fishermen spinning gear to finish the day when conditions prohibited fly fishing.

My philosophy is that the day belongs to the angler. Guides are all about putting you on fish. We want to catch fish with a fly rod, but if you get tired or the wind is too strong, we don’t quit. We simply use another method of fishing to finish the day.

Satisfaction is what the angler and the guide are both looking for, and we will make sure that happens!

Top Fishing Areas in Louisiana

Every year we receive a number of calls from clients who are looking for a quality fishing experience closer to home. Finding the time to plan a weeklong fishing trip these days is next to impossible.

But consider this – within an hour’s drive of the sights and sounds of Bourbon Street lies one of the premier saltwater fisheries in North America. It’s here in south Louisiana, where the Mississippi River meets the Gulf of Mexico.

Nowhere else will you have the same opportunity to land a monster redfish.

I prefer to fish the Biloxi Marsh area from late Fall until early Spring, because the majority of the fishing in this area is for spotted sea trout, not redfish.

As a result, the redfish are naïve, unpressured, and take flies readily. This greatly enhances your chance to catch that trophy redfish.

Another reason is that it is closer to New Orleans than almost any other fishery. But, if our reports indicate that fishing is better in a different area, or if a client wants to fish another area of South Louisiana, I can and do that very thing because I trailer my boats back and forth daily to the fishing grounds.

If you are coming to New Orleans for business and want to get some angling in while you are in town, I can take groups of up to 6 people for a quick Breton Island wade fishing trip for reds, trout, ladyfish, cobia and more.

A Final Note

You will be visiting a beautiful, off-the-beaten-track part of the world where the people are warm, and friendly.

When you visit, I encourage you to look for the positive. Hear what we have to say. Enjoy our Southern hospitality, and our incredible fishing. When you reach “The Land of Giants” you will see why we are still here.

Fly Fishing Guides

We have 4 full time captains who are capable and experienced fly-fishing guides. All of the guides are USCG licensed Captains.

My fleet also includes 2 mud boats with Beaver Tail backwater engines, and an offshore boat for fishing sharks, cobia and dolphin and cruising to the islands for wade fishing.

Our Fly Fishing Guides

All my guides have technical poling skiffs such as Hell’s Bay Guide 18, Professional 17.8 or Maverick HPX.

Captain Gregg Arnold

I was raised on Lake Bedford in Normandy, Tennessee. I have fished all the way from Key West to Acapulco.

I hold the fly-fishing 20# tippet IGFA world record for redfish as Captain with Conway Bowman as angler. That monster weighed 41.65 pounds!

As Captain, I hold state records of first, second, fourth, and fifth for redfish as well as first for black drum and fourth for crevalle, jack.

Captains Travis & Brian Holeman

Accomplished anglers both in fly and spin. Their mission is to have a great day everyday and provide the opportunity of a lifetime to their clients.

Splitting their time between fly-fishing, casting competitions and the Professional Redfish Tour, Travis and Brian have devoted their lives to the fishing industry and being the best Captains possible.

Captain Barrett Brown

My partner in E-Z Fly Guide Service. He owned and operated Southern Safaris, a local fly shop for 11 years.

He has been guiding and booking trips in South Louisiana for almost 20 years.

Captain Greg Dini

Born in Orlando, Florida and began fishing at a very young age. By the time he graduated high school, Greg had mastered the waters of Mosquito Lagoon and the Charlotte Harbor area.

Greg came to New Orleans his sophomore year of college to play baseball for Tulane University.

In no time he was out learning our water, and has put in thousands of hours on the marsh, fishing and poling around in technical skiffs.

Greg has proven to be one of the hardest working guides on the Louisiana marsh, and is a great addition to our crew.

Fly Fishing Gear

Fishing License


If you are coming from out-of-state, please make arrangements to obtain a 3-day non-resident license (Code 79) before you arrive. It costs $8.00.

You can purchase the license online by going to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries website.


A fishing license is not required for tarpon fishing, but a tarpon tag is now required to raise the fish out of the water for a photo.

The Wildlife Guys in Florida consider lifting a tarpon from the water “harvesting the fish”, which requires a special tag. The tag is $51.00 per tag.

Fly Fishing Equipment

  • Rods: 7-8-9-10 wt. fly fishing rods will all work
  • Reels: Saltwater reels with a drag
  • Fly Line: Weight Forward floating
  • Leaders: IGFA class 4-8 and 20 lb hand-tied leaders
  • Flies: Crab and shrimp patterns. Gold and purple, white and purple, black and purple, chartreuse and purple, purple and red, blue and purple and purple
  • Spinning Gear: If you are new to fishing, we can provide the best fishing rod and reel combo for beginners to help you get started.


  • Fishing slacks/ shorts
  • Silk weight underwear
  • Long-sleeved shirts for fishing (SPF30+)
  • Fleece jacket
  • Rain jacket with rain pants, and gloves
  • Non-slip boat shoes
  • Fishing Hat for sun and rain protection

Fishing Accessories

  • Polarized sun glasses in copper or yellow
  • Waterproof boat bag
  • Glasses cleaner
  • Insect repellent – sun screen combo
  • Lip protection


  • Camera with flash
  • Fresh batteries, extra batteries, recharger
  • Make sure you have a wide angle lens for those monster fish
  • Medications you may require