Fly Fishing Gear

Fishing License


If you are coming from out-of-state, please make arrangements to obtain a 3-day non-resident license (Code 79) before you arrive. It costs $8.00.

You can purchase the license online by going to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries website.


A fishing license is not required for tarpon fishing, but a tarpon tag is now required to raise the fish out of the water for a photo.

The Wildlife Guys in Florida consider lifting a tarpon from the water “harvesting the fish”, which requires a special tag. The tag is $51.00 per tag.

Fly Fishing Equipment

  • Rods: 7-8-9-10 wt. fly fishing rods will all work
  • Reels: Saltwater reels with a drag
  • Fly line: Weight forward floating line
  • Leaders: IGFA class 4-8 and 20 lb hand-tied leaders
  • Flies: Crab and shrimp patterns. Gold and purple, white and purple, black and purple, chartreuse and purple, purple and red, blue and purple and purple

I carry top-rated fly rods, fly fishing reels, lines, and leaders so that you don’t have to worry before coming out on our boat. But if you prefer to bring your own rod, I will work with you to find the right flies and lines for your needs.

I can also provide spinning or baitcasting gear for those who don’t fly fish. In fact, I have, on occasion offered a redfish baitcasting reel to finish the day when conditions prohibited fly fishing.

I have been in the fishing industry for over 10 years now. I have seen firsthand how people get frustrated trying to figure out what gear to bring. That is why I offer all the fishing equipment so you don’t have to worry about it!

I have created a video with some helpful tips on what to do to get ready for your trip. You can check it out here or on YouTube.


  • Fishing slacks/ shorts
  • Silk weight underwear
  • Long-sleeved shirts for fishing (SPF30+)
  • Fleece jacket
  • Rain jacket with rain pants, and gloves
  • Non-slip boat shoes
  • Fishing Hat for sun and rain protection

Fishing Accessories

  • Polarized sunglasses in copper or yellow
  • Waterproof boat bag
  • Glasses cleaner
  • Insect repellent – sunscreen combo
  • Lip protection


  • Camera with flash
  • Fresh batteries, extra batteries, recharger
  • Make sure you have a wide-angle lens for those monster fish
  • Medications you may require